Mobile Mining Unit – Made In USA

For the enhanced convenience of our customers, we offer a unique opportunity for them to earn a profit. They can buy our plug-and-play mobile mining unit that come several impeccable features, which are surely going to enhance the profits you earn from crypto mining.

Why Choose Our Mobile Mining Unit

Convenient Size

Our units feature a standardized design that is accepted internationally. Units have standard dimensions that are easily transportable. Any vehicle that can carry 20 or 40 feet containers can be used for carrying these units. Whether you use road trucks, trains, or other appropriate vessels for the transport, these units have a proven and certified design, causing fewer hassles during the process.

Long Lasting

The durability of these units is unparalleled. Manufactured from the highly proven Corten steel, these units are capable of protecting themselves against extreme weather conditions. Corten steel is known as the weathering steel as it has the ability to form a layer of iron oxide. This prevents damage from corrosion.

Stackable Units

These standard containers can be stacked on top of each other without much problem. A stack of 2x3x3 can be arranged within less than an hour. A space of 100 square meters is required for the arrangement. 1 Megawatt worth of energy conversion can be received from the stack, which is valid for infrastructures like satellites or 4G uplinks.

Easy Rearrangement

Since the units are easily movable and stackable, rearrangement according to changing needs is no problem. If the units are being used for heating purposes inside warehouses or greenhouses, they can be moved in or out according to seasonal changes. Similarly, they are easily transferable within industrial buildings between transformer stations. This eliminates the hassle of using large cables and promotes effective use of extra capacities.

Better Air Flow System

The units come installed with fans on each side. Given the large fan diameter, these are better-functioning as compared to fans installed inside the equipment. A pressure gradient is formed with lower pressure indie the unit. This allows the air to be pushed out. The inflow of air is managed by inlet air hoses. These are adjustable and lead the air directly to the equipment that may need cooling. This system uses less energy as compared to using small fan diameters. Furthermore, the system is quite fail-proof. In case one of the large outside fans fails to work, the other will automatically level up its function. This ensures normal functioning and cooling capacity until the maintenance can be completed.

Remote Handling

Units come with automatic satellite antenna positioning. This feature can be used for automated adjustments. The antenna works based on the receiving of signal strength indications. This means that the function can be streamlined anywhere in the world. The antenna can be flattened on top of the containers or removed entirely in case of extreme weather conditions. These unit features can be handled remotely.

Power Supply and Management

CEE 32-Amp hubs are used to ensure a power supply to the containers, which is an international standard. 2 or 4 plugs are installed depending on what type is being used. The units feature an efficient power management. A Linux server system and Atmel chip microcontrollers are used for managing the distribution of power. Applications are based on node.js and access is provided using HTTP dashboards. A server-connected control system or a raspberry single pcb computer is provided for the in-out pins, which are responsible for solid state relays. These results control the power connections of the power supply units being used in computing and mining rigs.

Protection Against Surge Situations

Surge is a common issue in case of large capacity power supply units. To prevent against surge damage, a safe startup procedure is used. The units can be operated without physically accessing the power switches and fuses only by reducing the excessive surge. We have developed a strategy where solid state relays are provided within 20 seconds. As soon as the power is being supplied, the relays go into an ‘off’ mode. After another 10 seconds, the power management system starts up. The solid state relays are then activated for the16 racks and only one rack receives power at a single time. Once the system is running, another set of 3 solid state relays is active by the Atmel microcontrollers. The amount of power consumed is also read by the controller and shared with the server through a USB connection.

Automated Startup Proces

The startup sequence is fully automated. It safely connects the standard plugs to the system. There is no need for specific circuit breakers. This allows to plug in the container into any available and sufficient power source.

Automated Shutdown

Just like the startup sequence, the shutdown sequence is automated too. A secret code is entered that allows the sequential shutdown of the capacitive loads. The code shuts down the signal circuit, in turn, activating the shutdown program. All solid state relays are then shut down. After this, the plugs can be safely removed and there is no risk of any electric arcs inside the plugs.

Membership Feature for Mobile Mining Unit

Similar to the mining equipment we offer, the option to become our member is also available on mobile mining equipment we offer. By becoming our member, the troubles of maintaining your newly owned mobile mining unit will be eliminated. Your mobile mining unit will be placed in a safe and secure environment. This option is specifically recommended if you are living in an area where electricity is charged at higher rates.

In such a situation, your mobile mining units will be placed in a facility where electricity is available at cheap rates. This will ensure high profitability without the stress of paying huge electricity bills. Membership feature also ensures great control. Apart from these features, there are numerous other benefits of buying are mobile mining unit and becoming our member.