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Many people tend to rely on buying bitcoins directly instead of buying a mining equipment to avoid heavy costs that come with the latter option. However, buying the equipment is a rather cost-efficient method since the users aren’t required to pay any sort of extra fees whenever they acquire coins.

Moreover, with buying a mining equipment, users have enhanced control over their transactions as they can keep a track of them. This is why it is suggested to buy mining equipment. If you cannot take the responsibility for its maintenance and security, you can buy it from Crypto Extraction and become our member. This way, you can keep your equipment in a safe and secure environment and keep earning profits.

Why Become our Member?

Crypto Extraction proudly offers its clients an effective way of earning profits by setting up their own mining equipment. We believe that it can prove to be a daunting task to take care of your mining equipment. It comes with a lot of hassles and troubles. Furthermore, it requires ample knowledge, experience, and…

handling such equipment. Without this knowledge and experience, investing your hard-earned money in buying a mining machine can prove to be a full-of-risk endeavor.

If you are looking to buy a mining equipment, Crypto Extraction is there to eliminate all these troubles and risks for you. You just have to get our membership and have a trouble-free process to earn great profits. We offer this unique opportunity for our customers to place their mining equipment, which they have purchased from, in our specialized facilities that boast of advanced features and cutting-edge controls.

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Mining Operation

Crypto Extraction values its clients and members. Those people who wish to become our members will get an array of perks that are included in our membership package. The facilities you will get by availing our membership program ensures great profits at reduced risk.

Our membership package includes the following feature:

Our facilities where we place our members’ mining equipment is completely secured using state of the art technology. No unauthorized individual can access your equipment due to our advanced security system. We offer our customers to place their equipment in two countries i.e. Canada and US. All our facilities across these countries are fully secured. Thus, you can safely buy high-end mining equipment from us and place them in our facility for a secure and convenient way of making profits.

Our secure facilities make for a great convenience for our members since they can earn profit at a low risk factor. The responsibility of safety and security of their mining equipment will be on our reliable shoulders. They can just sit back, relax, and enjoy their profits while we will take care of the rest.

Making profit using mining equipment comes at the cost of huge electricity bills. It is a known fact that mining equipment consumes a lot of electricity. Hence, in case, cryptocurrency market goes down, this huge electricity consumption can burn a hole in your pockets. However, same will not be the case if you are becoming our members. We go beyond and above and provide our members with the cheapest electricity. This enables them to enjoy maximum returns without worrying about the electricity cost.

We have done extensive research when it comes to electricity production at cheap rates and come to the conclusion that India and China are leading names for producing inexpensive electricity at 8 cents/kW hr. However, only we, at Crypto Extraction, for facilitating our clients, provide the cheapest electricity at the rates as low as 4 Cents/kW hr. So buying our mining and equipment and placing them in our facility is definitely going to be a profitable venture for you.

We aim to provide our valued members with utmost convenience and the best experience. We will be there for them at all times to provide timely assistance. Our professionally trained, experienced, and expert customer care representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for providing technical support.

Each member of our technical support staff is highly skilled, boasts of required expertise and vast experience in the crypto market; thus, you can rely on them for highly proficient response and assistance at any time.

At Crypto Extraction, we are aware of the fact that equipment of any kind can get impacted due to weather calamities. Therefore, for the enhanced convenience of our members and for the security of their mining equipment, we have walked an extra mile and have got special climate control feature on all our facilities. This facility ensures your equipment works smoothly. The special climate control enables us to combat the weather extremities and ensure that your equipment is in a faultless manner providing you maximum returns.

Another great feature of the mining equipment we offer is that they come with lifetime warranty. This feature gives enhanced satisfaction and peace of mind to our members since they will not have to worry about incurring losses on the mining equipment they have purchased from us. Broken or not well performed equipment will be rebuild or exchanged for new with $ zero cost,  only to our membership customers.

Similar to technical support, we also offer customer support service throughout the day. Whether you have any query or want some information on the working of our mining equipment, you just have to call our customer care center.  They can guide you in the best possible manner and help you to resolve your query.

We still have room in our facilities for another 400,000 units with total power supply
of 564 Megawatts

Benefits of becoming our Member

There is a huge number of benefits that you can avail by buying our mining and equipment and becoming our member. Some of these benefits are:

There can be nothing better than earning profits without incurring any hassles and stress and Crypto Extraction offers exactly the same. Cryptomining is a trending market in which people from across the globe are investing their hard-earned money and availing its numerous benefits. With our mining equipment farming services, you will be spared of all the responsibilities that come along buying a mining equipment i.e. its security and safety. All these issues will be dealt in a professional manner by experts we have hired in high-end facilities.

There is no easy way of earning profits. A lot of sweat and blood is required for setting up and operating a business endeavor that comes with plenty of risks and stress. However, with owning our mining equipment, you will not have to go through any such hassles, troubles, and stress. Since we will take care of everything, you will just have to concentrate on earning profits and leave the rest to us.

Every profit earning program comes with a risk factor. It varies with different business models. If you are buying mining equipment from us, the risk factor considerably reduces as investing in crypto mining is considered to be a profitable venture in the current times. By becoming our member, the risk factor further diminishes as there will be no issue of its safety and security because of our high-end facilities that are secured using cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, they boast of climate control features, which ensures a longer lifespan of the equipment without requiring any maintenance.

As discussed above, our mining equipment comes with a lifetime warranty. Thus, you can buy them without worrying about the equipment breaking down or malfunctioning. Any issue, you encounter with its operations, you can immediately contact our technical support for instant assistance.

The value of mining equipment typically sees an upward trend when the market price of cryptocurrency goes up. Thus, when the crypto market is trending high, you can sell your equipment at higher rates and earn a profit on it.

Another prominent benefit of buying our mining equipment is that you own the hardware. Unlike bitcoin mining where you are using someone else’s hardware, buying your own equipment offers complete control over all the transactions. The equipment remains to be in your ownership even if you are using our farms to place it.