About Us

Crypto Extraction established in 2015 and was launched as the largest suppliers of mining hardware in North America. A licensed company in both USA and Canada, we follow all the established rules and regulations regarding mining in these two countries.

The Crypto Extraction Team

Crypto Extraction is based on 39 employees. Each employee brings a comprehensive set of skills and long-term experience to the table. With their expertise, we plan to deliver the best in terms of mining hardware and software to our clients

The Role of Crypto Extraction

Crypto mining is rapidly gaining popularity across the globe. However, the mining hardware can be quite costly as it uses excessive electricity. Crypto Extraction is aiming to make mining hardware not only more efficient but with the ability to save money on the important resource of electricity. With improved hardware technologies, not only clients will save on electricity bills but enjoy prolonged machine life as well. Similarly, Crypto Extraction is going to develop smarter software to help miners resolve certain existing complications.

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With the dedication of our team and contented research and development, it is our goal at Crypto Extraction to change the face of the crypto mining industry. We have already made much progress and more is to come.