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We offer members the unique opportunity to purchase and place their mining equipment in our specialized facilities equipped with cheap and steady supply of electricity and cutting-edge controls systems

What We Offer

Mining Equipment

Crypto Extraction specializes in selling crypto mining equipment and offers an exclusive mining farm membership service. Our selection of premium equipment and experienced professionals ensure a highly competitive service across USA and Canada.

Membership Service

After our clients have bought the crypto mining equipment, they have the option to subscribe to our membership service. This service allows them to use our storage facilities for the equipment they have bought from us.

Enjoy Better Profits

The membership service ensures comprehensive resources for crypto mining. The multiple options allow our clients to make better profits. Crypto Extraction is proud to mention that our clients made 189% profit over the course of last year. Maintaining our quality service, we are aiming for an even better number this year – we shoot to 215%.

Why Use Our Membership Service

To make the most out of crypto mining, you require the best equipment. Therefore, you need a premium and resourceful facility for maintaining the machines. A better mining facility for the equipment ensures that they maintain their performance level. Hence, offering you productivity worth the money invested.

Subscribing to our membership service, you can be guaranteed to have the best storage for your crypto mining equipment. From climate control to energy efficiency, we optimize the environment to maintain the quality of the equipment.

Understanding Crypto Currency, Blockchain, and Mining Business

Why Cheap Electricity is Required for a Successful Mining Business

The newest technologies are not only improving individual lives but are highly advantageous for the activities taking place across the world that now functions as a global village. The introduction of cryptocurrency is definitely one such technology. With the use of cryptography, it has totally changed the view we have of the financial markets.

The machines that are used for crypto mining require a high amount of electricity. While high-quality machines are manufactured to be energy-efficient, it is still significant to have electricity available at cheap rates. The reason is the fact that like all other financial markets, the cryptocurrency market can go down too. In this case, the client will be…

Crypto Extraction is one of the best solutions available in the USA and Canada if you want to make better profits through crypto mining. The best equipment and professionals in the industry await you. Learn more about our membership service by clicking on the membership page.